UNITAR Hiroshima Office was excited to invite two renowned Hiroshima architects, Akio Nishikiori and Kazuhide Doi, as guest speakers for its third session of Ideas that Matter series.

In front of a full house, Mr. Doi explored his understanding of relationships between cityscapes, void and matter, and architecture through a close examination of some past and current projects by his architectural practice. He also reflected on the many challenges faced by today’s young architects in Hiroshima.

Mr. Nishikiori discussed the nature and significance of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial City Construction Law and how this law had evolved miraculously throughout the city’s struggles for recovery. However, in the 74 years since the establishment of the law and the change of generations, it has become forgotten or at best trivialized. He, therefore, emphasized the importance of remembering and reviving the true philosophy of Hiroshima’s city development. For the future, he also proposed embracing the bigger picture, by thinking outside the box – looking at environment and culture as integral parts of peace and developing a comprehensive philosophy and detailed measures for this purpose.

There were many questions from a keen and engaged audience and it is clear that this topic is dear to many in Hiroshima. UNITAR hopes that this session will spark more frequent and meaningful debates in Hiroshima about the architectural and urban legacy it has received, and the manner in which this can be passed on to future generations.