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The Great Ideas Space is a global entrepreneurship e-learning platform, bringing together some of the top institutions and experts worldwide.

We have one goal – to empower you.  Empower you to engage in sustainable business practices and social entrepreneurship, and address current issues and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, climate change, gender, and more.

The courses are suitable to both new and experienced entrepreneurs, and are specially curated – ranging from university-level courses to micro-learning modules – taking you through the key stages of developing your own great ideas into entrepreneurship successes!

Courses are currently in private enrollment mode for specified programs. Check back here for updates on open programs and courses.

Ideas Taking Off

75% of startups at one of our innovation workshops in 2019 successfully received seed funding from partners.

Seed Funding Received75%

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Participants in Great Ideas Space courses report over 85% satisfaction with the relevance and usefulness of the courses.

Satisfaction with Training85%

I specifically wanted to obtain the knowledge and skills necessary for effective project management and leadership. My organization, continues to face many challenges that hinder efficient and effective delivery of essential services because of poor coordination, lack of funds, and inadequate technical and professional personnel training. UNITAR’s training...gave me the confidence necessary to fully understand the needs of my country.

Christina Pita Lukudu, Legal Counsel, Directorate of Public Prosecution, Ministry of Justice, Republic of South Sudan
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We have a range of entrepreneurship programs designed to mentor you to success.

Social Entrepreneurship Training

Iraq Entrepreneurs

Empowering Social Entrepreneurs and Youth Leaders for Iraq

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Frontier Technology for Sustainable Development

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With a wide range of courses, from university-level to micro-learning, Great Ideas Space has the knowledge you need to get your ideas off the ground.

Here are some of our top courses:


Building Business Models


Dive into Design Thinking

Product Marketing Essentials

Gender and Entrepreneurship

Cultivating the Entrepreneurial Mindset

Artificial Intelligence for Entrepreneurship

Global Expertise

Meet some of the experts from around the world who will support you as you innovate.

I am passionate about architecture because I believe buildings tell a story. This experience pushed me to the limit - that is when I started channelling my ideas into a concrete project. I developed a project called Preserve-Ha (“ha” is Arabic for “it”). The idea grew from the needs assessment that I undertook…and I incorporated my new skills and design the project.

Ranya Bakr, Architectural Engineer and Executive Director at Storey Architectural Consultancy
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Meet alumni with Great Ideas

The UNITAR Hiroshima Innovation for Growth: Inspiring Youth Entrepreneurs and Leaders in Iraq

The world is faced with an array of complex challenges today. Poverty, youth unemployment, social inequality, and climate change are at the forefront. The purpose of this Programme is to empower youth with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes to be effective leaders and build successful solutions and enterprises –social or commercial, focused around domestic needs and priorities.
Building on the experience of the past four cycles, and lessons learned, the UNITAR Hiroshima Innovation for Growth: Inspiring Youth Entrepreneurs and Leaders in Iraq has evolved organically. The programme has constantly adapted to the changing needs, and priorities of client countries and designed training tailored to specific learning needs of the participants.